Real Earth is obsolete; in its stead, a new and improved script resides under a new and improved moniker, Dot Earth Defender. Go there instead please.

This is Real Earth - the reality based comment filtration Greasemonkey script for Dot Earth comments.

Version 2 features (in addition to v.1 features) -
* Rudimentary comment threading (orig. comment tries to link to replies and vice versa);
* Trusted users can recommend/unrecommend comments.
* Tested with Firefox 3.

Version 1 features -
* It displays the commenter's name at TOP of their comment;
* It shrinks the comments of some known deniers.
* It is VERY raw; please don't try to install it yet if you aren't familiar with FF and Greasemonkey.

First download and install Firefox.

Then get the Greasemonkey add-on (which you'll be able to toggle on&off, from the monkey head at lower right of browser window); restart Firefox.

1. If you have v1 of Real Earth, delete or disable it. (Tools - Greasemonkey - Manage User Scripts)
2. Get the current Real Earth script (v2 is at - right-click on this link, choose View User Script Source, then from that page, Tools - Greasemonkey - Install User Script.

(WARNING, use this script at your own risk etc. It is worth every penny you paid for it.)

May it serve you well.

Anna Haynes - June 22, 2008
p.s. comments can go to