This isn't explorer Will Steger's Global Warming 101 or the U of Chicago's "Open Climate 101" online course.

Play it again Uncle Sam - climate action for the next president without Congressional approval
All Republican Candidates for President in 2016 Deny Basic Climate Science, Disqualifying Them for the Job
The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
Fraud via proxy still seems fraudy.
Why the TSCA Reform Bills Should Become Law Even Though They Won't Make Us Any Safer
Data Horrors
Climate Denier Tactic - Lying About Actual Scientific Studies
Don’t be Fossil Fooled – It’s Time to Say Goodbye
The Limits to Compassion
The EV has landed
Cracking the mystery of the corrosive ocean
Spectating on Science: Length of the Game
How to build a climate model?
Canada’s moving climate target: the numbers
The Best of Denial101x – Week 1
We just published in Nature Geoscience
Weather, climate and the “limiting” nutrient in waterways
Emissions of Convenience: The other side of oil spills
On The APS Statement on Climate
Responses to Climate Science Survey
EVs vs. PHEVs: The Battle of the Plugs
EVs and knees in the curve and bungee jumping naked
It's aliiiiive! Well, sort of…
The Year the Dam of Denial Breaks – Ready for the Flood?
The Pace Layers of Scholarly Publishing
Argument from incredulity
Climate researcher Bart Strengers wins wager wcl...
Open thread – Winter 2014/2015
Climate Science Legal Defense Fund Hires New Executive Director
What the 2014 US Midterm Elections Do and Don't Mean for Climate
WSJ's Message is Always Deny or Delay: Koonin Just the Latest Misinformer
Facts Cannot Slow Down the Runaway Climate Confusion Train
Climate Change: the Slippery, Shape Shifting, Jelly Mould Threat
Awesome necklaces an air pollution visualization
Rio Olympics already tainted wpoo
Don't look now, but there's an orgy in your gard...
TransCanada Keystone XL Hits New Turbulence As South Dakota Permit Hearing Implodes Over Pipeline Corrosion, Market Demand
Poll: Calns more worried about climate change be...
Terrifying map shows depths hell that western U.S
Portland activists force Shell to turn around
Hillary Clinton takes my advice on dealing wclim...
Alaskans to Commemorate Anniversary of Mount Polley Mine Disaster as Similar Accidents Predicted to Increase
Avian flu hammering hens — should poultry farm...
Activists Hanging From Bridge Force Arctic Drill...
Obama’s Clean Power Plan Will Actually Lower Y...
Environmental Group Launches Lawsuit Against Federal Government Over Pipeline Safety Planning
Two-day shipping: Free to you, but how costly to...
Just how big can bug-ranching grow?
That Time When the Rockefellers Called on ExxonMobil to Stop Funding Climate Denial
After all our crushin', we're crushed out
Farmworkers score big in new tomato deal
Cal restaurants stopped serving water. Does that...
Starbucks food: May contain deforestation palm o...
What you need to know about antibiotics in lives...
Remembering Jack Gibbons, Rarest Of U.S. Science...
Education increases belief in climate change ...
If EPA relaxes ds for CO2 cuts, will U.S. still ...
Portland activists try to block Shell ship from ...
Why do we turn up our noses@eating bugs?
Climate Professor Peter Wadhams Says He Does Not Think Colleagues Were Murdered
10 Things We Learnt From Reddit About Understanding Climate Change
Our climate may be screwed, but@least it makes f...
This fed-up bicyclist moves car whis bare hands
Some Cal farmers ditching popular crops for less...
Are youth Seattle more afraid an earthquake or c...
Terrified about That Earthquake? Here’s what t...
Did slaves harvest palm oil that went into your ...
Warming waters destroying your salmon burger
What to Expect from El Niño: How Much Snow Back East?
Western style Catastrophism: a few questions for my Russian readers
Little Change to 94L; Hawaii Watching Guillermo; TC 2 Kills 27 in Myanmar/Bangladesh
ASI 2015 update 5: late momentum
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #31B
2015 Arctic melting season won't break records, but could wipe the 'recovery' ...
Invest 94L Off the Coast of Africa May Slowly Develop
Offshore Wind Begins US Take-Off
2015 Arctic melting season won't break records, but could wipe the 'recovery'
After the record smashing 2012 melting season had ended, Arctic sea ice watchers a...
Clinton Campaign Calls Out GOP's Mad (not a) Scientists
Guest Post: The Oil Industry is Going Solar
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #31A
40 percent of adults on Earth have never heard of climate change Alaska’s t...
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #30D
5 bold and beautiful solar projects from around the world A rocky first revie...
Hardin's "tragedy of the commons" explained with a practical example: a tourist trap in Florence
A tale of two hemispheres
2015 SkS Weekly Digest #30
SkS Highlights The importance of good climate communication: a recent Arctic exam...
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #30C
A new climate-change danger zone? Canada, Alaska wildfire surge sends smoke p...
2015 SIPN Sea Ice Outlook: July report
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #30B
Climate treaty's finances on shaky ground Europe to America: Your love of air...
Gleaning: an ancient custom that may return in the future
Global warming deniers are an endangered species
At the end of this year there will be a critically important international climat...
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #30A
4C degree rise in global temperature may make outdoor work impossible in North...
NOAA State of the Climate report: Which seven records were broken in 2014?
This is a re-post from Carbon Brief by Robert McSweeney From greenhouse gas leve...
The oceans are warming faster than climate models predicted
As I have said many times on this blog, if you want to know how much “global war...
2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #29
4 takeaways from the annual climate review Climate finance: Funding a low-car...
Beaufort and Northwest Passage videos
Climate pledge puts China on course to peak emissions as early as 2027
This is a re-post from Carbon Brief by Simon Evans China is aiming to peak its c...
Who knew what and when?
Are we overestimating our global carbon budget?
The latest research suggests that natural sinks of carbon on land may be slowing o...
Once more into the breach: back with a different focus
Global warming is causing rain to melt the Greenland ice sheet
Greenland, one of the largest ice sheets in the world, is melting. In fact, it is ...
Climate Action Tracker analysis: NZ emissions targets inadequate, not doing our fair share
Signs of change, but not always!
Renwick on NZ’s 11% cut: follow us down the path to catastrophe
Restoring Recurrent Fury
Announcing the Uncertainty Handbook
Getting model-data comparison right
Where most of us live (with apologies to southern-hemisphere readers)
Quick note to regular readers
Ice Sheet 200-900 Year Time Scale Evaluation of CMIP5 palaeo-simulations to improve climate projections
Darn!! Sea Level Disaster Ahead! In 200-900 Years. When??
Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms
[jules' pics] Baaaa!
'Mini ice age' coming in next fifteen years!
A blessing from a star, little ice ages, and the fate of climate
Unforced variations: July 2015
This month's open thread. How about a focus on cimate science this time? Data visu...
Mark Steyn's Genius Legal Gambit
'Who's to say what's right or wrong, when your IQ could easily be the losing team'...
Heaven belongs to us all – the new papal encyclical
Guest post by Brigitte Knopf With his encyclical 'Laudato Si' the Pope has written...
Debate in the noise
Last week there was an international media debate on climate data which appeared t...
60. The quality of the large-scale flow simulated in GCMs
NOAA temperature record updates and the ‘hiatus’
In a new paper in Science Express, describe the impacts of two significant updates...
Unforced Variations: June 2015
This month's open thread. Some interesting trends in ocean heat content, surface t...
A Guide to CO2 and Stratospheric Cooling
59. How (not) to evaluate climate models
Global warming and unforced variability: Clarifications on recent Duke study
Guest Commentary from Patrick Brown and Wenhong Li, Duke University We recently pu...
Unforced Variations: May 2015
This month's open thread.
How long does it take Antarctica to notice the Northern Hemisphere is warming?
Eric Steig A series of large and abrupt climate changes occurred during the last i...
Nenana Ice Classic 2015
Unsurprisingly to anyone looking at the exceptionally warm winter on the West Coas...
The return of the iris effect?
Guest commentary from Andy Dessler (TAMU) When a new scientific hypothesis is publ...
58. Addicted to global mean temperature
Diagnosing feedbacks in simple layer models
'Merchants of Doubt' for Mormons
I wrote another op-ed for my local paper, the Daily Herald.  The headline is misl...
Fallacy Alert! James Delingpole and the Argument from Obdurate Ignorance
One reason I love the Internet is because it makes room for more snark.  Clever s...
The Monckton Files: Vote for Monckton!!!
At last, a candidate I can really get behind! There is an interesting site called ...
The Monckton Files: Hypocrisplosion, Islamophobe Style
That Beacon of Freedom, His Supreme Sagacity, the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenc...
A Republican Scientist Explains Why Coal Is Expensive
My local newspaper is the Daily Herald, in Provo, Utah, and it has always been abo...
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 1
One of the truly amusing facets of being a Monckton-o-phile like myself is watchin...
The Monckton Files: A Hero Has Fallen!
Hang around the Watt's Up With That? blog for any length of time, and it will beco...
Republican EPA Chiefs Urge Climate Action
Four former EPA administrators from Republican administrations testified at a cong...
Take Notes, Mr. Steyn
Today's lesson is on How to Float Legally Non-Actionable Accusations.  Mark Steyn...
Beyond Pluto: Let's Go See Some More New Worlds
Lednik Midagrabin Retreat, Caucasus, Russia
Stromatolites of the Helena Formation, Grinnell Glacier Cirque, Montana
Gallery: The Wild Lands at Stake if Alaska’s Pebble Mine Proceeds
The Wild Alaskan Lands at Stake If the Pebble Mine Moves Ahead
USGS- The Chesapeake Bay Region Is Sinking While The Sea Rises
Global Population Projected to Reach 11 Billion by 2100, U.N. Estimates
Why Do Glowing Sharks Glow?
Roughly 40 Percent of World Population Unaware of Climate Change, Survey Says
Seeds That Defied Romans, Pirates, and Nazis
Leaky Vaccines Enhance Spread of Deadlier Chicken Viruses
President Obama Announces Major New Limits on Interstate Ivory Trade
Why the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement May Ultimately Win
Ankylosaurs Slurped Food With Powerful Tongues
The Week's Most Eerily Fascinating Stories
I've Got Your Missing Links Right Here (25 July 2015)
A Common Hospital Infection May be Coming To Us From Food
European Union Is Increasingly Turning to Wind Power, Report Shows
Earliest Saber Teeth Used for Fighting, Not Biting
Abruptly Warming Climate Triggered Megabeast Revolutions
Synthetic Coral Could Remove Mercury Pollution From Ocean, Researchers Say
With Camera Drones, New Tool For Viewing and Saving Nature
With Camera Drones, New Tool For Viewing and Saving Nature
Algae Could Be an Environmentally Friendly Livestock Feed, Study Finds
California Almonds Have Less Climate Impact Than Many Foods
Nuclear Rush Will Make China Third-Largest Nuclear Generator by 2020
Alien Islands: Why Killing Rats Is Essential to Save Key Wildlife
2014 Set Multiple Global Climate Records, NOAA Analysis Concludes
Many States Have Curbed Power Plant Emissions Ahead of Federal Rule
Interview: The High Environmental Cost of Illicit Marijuana Cultivation
The High Environmental Cost Of Illicit Marijuana Cultivation
'Buckyballs' May Be Able to Capture and Store Carbon Dioxide, Study Says
International Poll Finds Widespread Concern About Climate Change
Australian Government Curbs Investments in Wind and Solar Energy
Resilience: A New Conservation Strategy for a Warming World
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