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A Day Late
A global temperature
Why the "duck curve" created by solar power is a problem for utilities
Nigel Persaud Dons His Eyeshade and Audits the Auditor
Yuck. Supreme Court puts hold on Clean Power, not a good sign for the future legal argument
Guest post: Invitation to participate in a PhD research project on climate blogging
Gasoline keeps getting dirtier while alternatives keep getting cleaner
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Science communication: an illustration in irony?
2 ways of assessing political candidates, and how they explain the Clinton-Sanders conflict
#astroSH Haslitudes
Resettlement due to climate change, past and future
Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future by Donald R. Prothero
El Nino and the Hottest Year on Record - Trend vs Variation
2015 Smashes Record for Hottest Year
Earth-Sun distance and Chandler Wobble
The Pacemaker of the Chandler Wobble
Yangdidi highlights experiences of Super Typhoon Maysak survivors
The Paris climate agreement awards
Antarctica: ice gain or loss?
Been a while hasn't it
From complex clarity to nuanced misunderstanding...
Wanted: blog readers to be interviewed as part P...
A little something from the vault
Don’t be Fossil Fooled – It’s Time to Say Goodbye
The Limits to Compassion
The EV has landed
Cracking the mystery of the corrosive ocean
The Best of Denial101x – Week 1
We just published in Nature Geoscience
On The APS Statement on Climate
EVs vs. PHEVs: The Battle of the Plugs
EVs and knees in the curve and bungee jumping naked
It's aliiiiive! Well, sort of…
Bogus Factoids not New in American Politics
Notes from Underground: Stupid-Cali-Frack-Logistics: Gas Leak is Atrocious
Northeast Braces for a Frigid, Windy Weekend
PIOMAS February 2016
What Climate Deniers are Doing to Our Planet, and Our Kids.
New Vid: Scientists on the Paris Agreement
Global sea ice area record minimum
Daffodils in bloom, the warmest ever December: how worrying is the world’s strange weather?
Hurricane Patricia's 215 mph Winds: A Warning Shot Across Our Bow
No climate conspiracy: NOAA temperature adjustments bring data closer to pristine
2016 SkS Weekly Digest #6
2016 SkS Weekly News Roundup #6
Five Weathercasters Who Made History
Most Christians are definitely not terrorists
It’s all about the transition
Alert! There's a dangerous new viral outbreak: Zika conspiracy theories
Industrial-era ocean heat uptake has doubled since 1997
Measuring ocean heating is key to tracking global warming
'The Blob' Disrupts What We Think We Know About Climate Change, Oceans Scientist Says
2016 SkS Weekly Digest #5
New year, new theme (2016)
3rd CliSAP Workshop Arctic and Permafrost
2016 SkS Weekly News Roundup #5
'If the world ends in 2100, we’re probably OK'
Trial for Climate Activists Protesting 'Bomb Trains' Carrying Oil Makes Legal History
Climate scientists' open letter to the Wall Street Journal on its snow job
Study finds slim odds of record heat, but not as slim as reported
Despite Zika virus emergency, proven control using GE mosquitos held up by Brazilian red tape
Tracking the 2°C Limit - December 2015
Transparency and Scrutiny vs. Harassment and Intimidation: The Triage
Record hot 2015 gave us a glimpse at the future of global warming
Thorough, not thoroughly fabricated: The truth about global temperature data
Too hot (and here comes the surge)
Exploring the Paris Agreement – the new global goal
Campbells is right – it's time to introduce federal mandatory labeling
Marvel et al (2015) Part III: Response to Nic Lewis
The first post in this series gave the basic summary of (henceforth MEA15) and why...
Adjusting U.S. Temperature Data
Ross McKitrick was so upset about a paper Learning from mistakes in climate rese...
Global Warming Basics: Signal & Noise —...
New On-line Classes and Models
My free online class on entitled Global Warming I: The Science and Mo...
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 3
Question for computer-savvy
More Catniss
Open science good, FOIA snooping bad.
Helicopter Money
A good press report on a good attribution study
Unforced Variations: Feb 2016
This month's open thread. Just so you know, a lot of people have complained that t...
Houston Mayor: Texas Needs a New Transportation Paradigm
So what did he actually do?
How Likely Is The Observed Recent Warmth?
With the official numbers now in 2015 is, by a substantial margin, the new record-...
Blizzard Jonas and the slowdown of the Gulf Stream System
Blizzard Jonas on the US east coast has just shattered snowfall records. Both weat...
2015 Temperatures
To no-one's great surprise, 2015 was clearly a record year in all the surface temp...
The Monckton Files: Threatwatch 2
Global Temperature in 2015
Ted Cruz Pwned by Satellite Expert
Happy 10*9*8*7*6/(5+4+3+2+1)
Marvel et al (2015) Part 2: Media responses
This is a second post related to the new paper. The first post dealing with the su...
Marvel et al (2015) Part 1: Reconciling estimates of climate sensitivity
This post is related to the substantive results of the new Marvel et al (2015) stu...
Unforced variations: Jan 2016
Happy New Year, and happy new open thread. As per usual, nuclear energy is off-top...
Wanning Workshop + Beijing Charts + Year-End Comments
65. Small Earth, deep atmosphere, and hypohydrostatic models
Isolation of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Part I
64. Disequilibrium and the AMOC
63. How unusual is the recent evolution of the tropical Pacific
No, the Hockey Stick Has Not Been Falsified
A blessing from a star, little ice ages, and the fate of climate
Mark Steyn's Genius Legal Gambit
A Guide to CO2 and Stratospheric Cooling
Diagnosing feedbacks in simple layer models
'Merchants of Doubt' for Mormons
Is Intel Fighting To Keep Oregon Hooked On Coal?
Did Supreme Court just undercut Paris climate ag...
Zika just one more way climate change worse for ...
Want some rich, exotic compost? Look to your loc...
Carbon pricing explained using chickens in this ...
New series takes you to fenceline communities Ca...
Bison ranching growing in U.S. — & so deba...
Daily Show's Jessica Williams doesn’t like bei...
Pissed-off anti-gentrification activists smash &...
Supreme Court throws wrench in Obama’s climate...
These are the Five European Think Tanks Exxon was a Member of in 2014
Duke Energy gets paltry fine for massive coal-as...
Clinton comes out against Atlantic offshore dril...
Will John Roberts Destroy His Reputation&Liv...
Residents fight for economic & environmental...
Guess what? oceans could completely evaporate in...
Your old flash drive could bring subversive medi...
BREAKING: Supreme Court Just Gave Finger To Obam...
About 13 percent ice around Antarctica could col...
These 5 States Are Leading the Way in Solar Power Initiatives
Australia guts climate change research
Artists cover mountain wblanket to stop melting
Meet Texas Flood Survivor Who Flew To New Hampsh...
Fend Off Iran? First Company That Exported US Crude Oil Now Exporting Iran's Oil
White House proposes millions for big water inno...
Fed up wmainstream? Check out these third-party ...
We're telling outer space all about our biggest ...
Why we still losing so much rainforest in Indone...
100 billionaires trying to purchase next preside...
7 smarter ways to talk about climate change
Sea-level rise may last twice as long as human h...
Why climate change denier will almost certainly ...
Oil Industry Caused 2005 Swarm of California Earthquakes: Newly Published Study
Is charging my phone@night smooth environmental ...
Make your own conversation hearts this Valentine...
As Antibiotics Fail, We Need More Vaccines
Turning climate data into art
Oops! Giant Raptor’s Wishbone is Actually a Bit of Turtle Shell
Supreme Court Suspends Obama's Coal Plant Emissions Cuts
How stable is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet?
Strategic ed tech planning with the 2016 NMC Horizon Report
The Biggest Giraffe of All Time
Can Large Companies Lead The Low-Carbon Revolution?
Ice-Free Arctic Trade Route Unlikely For Decades to Come, Study says
WATCH: Amazing Video Reveals Why Roaches Are So Hard to Squish
Coal Mining Regions of West Virginia Flatter After Decades of Mountaintop Removal
Getting in Touch With the Belemnites
Need to Punch Some Holes In Mars Rocks? Practice Here.
I've Got Your Missing Links Right Here (6 February 2016)
Hidden Epidemic of Fatal Infections Linked to Heart Surgeries
To Prevent Zika Birth Defects, CDC Suggests Abstinence
Rising temperatures Skewing Gender Balance of Sea Turtles, Study Says
Paleo Profile: The Shield Fortress
Speleothems connecting East and West
Only Known Wild Jaguar in the U.S. Filmed in Arizona in Rare Video
Energy Landscapes: An Aerial View Of Europe’s Carbon Footprint
China’s Wind Power Sector Experienced Rapid Growth in 2015
Five Questions for Robert Bullard On the Flint Water Crisis and Justice
General Electric Joins The Move From CFL Bulbs to LEDs
Once Unstoppable, Tar Sands Now Battered from All Sides
Lab-raised Caribbean Coral Grows to Maturity in the Wild for First Time, Researchers Say
European Summers Hottest Since Roman Empire, According to Tree Ring Analysis
Japan Is Building World's Largest Floating Solar Farm
Beyond the Oregon Protests: The Search for Common Ground
Rush to Electric Vehicles Is Worsening Air Pollution in China
Volcanic and magmatic studies in Ireland
Cost of Manufacturing Solar Panels Is Projected to Continue Falling
Massive Transformation to Clean Energy in U.S. is Possible Within 15 Years, Researchers Says
How ‘Natural Geoengineering’ Can Help Slow Global Warming
Low Gasoline Prices Slow Electric Car Sales to Below Administration Goals